Who Is the Mama With The Cell Phone?

I love
* brownies - no walnuts, frosting is a delicious but not required addition
* a good book on my nook
* summer and fall
* getting outdoors
* toddler laughs, hugs, kisses, and curiosity
* a nice run
* my favorite people: Little Man, D, my 2 best girlfriends from elementary school
* flip flops that don't give me blisters
* church - it inspires me and fills me up each week
* naps
* finding my way through parenthood

After dealing with infertility and having Little Man after lots of medical interventions, and after two failed IUI attempts to have baby #2, I needed a reminder that God is good and life doesn't suck.  This blog came out of a goal to take a photo with my cell phone of one thing I am thankful for each day.  It has transformed me and God is working in my life.  Finding something to praise God for is not always easy, but it's always worth it. 

I'm glad you found me and I hope you enjoy your time here.  Pull up a chair and grab a brownie.  Also, if you really do have a brownie, I want one too.

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